Northern Virginia   &
Washington, D.C.
P.O. Box 216
Catharpin, Virginia 20143
Tel: +1-202-467-6200
Fax: +1-202-293-4395

Following is basic information about how to contact Richter, Miller & Finn. If you have not had prior dealings with the law firm, you should direct your initial inquiry either to Paul Richter or Tom Miller.

Richter, Miller & Finn no longer regularly receives or wishes to receive mail or other deliveries at any address in Washington, D.C. When the law firm makes use of special office arrangements in Washington and/or at other locations and needs to receive deliveries at such location(s), specific written instructions about where and when such deliveries are to be made will be provided ad hoc for each specific situation.

Telephone Number:
Fax Number:

Contact Persons:

General Firm E-Mail:

Telephone Answering:

P.O. Box Mailing Address:

Office Street Address:


Paul S. Richter -- E-Mail:
Tel: +1-202-467-6200 - Extension 204

Thomas P. Miller -- E-mail:
Tel: +1-202-467-6200 - Extension 203 -- (Do not use this to
contact a specific lawyer or other person!)

24 hrs/day, 7 days/week
Voice Mail always available.

Automated Or Live Answering During
Normal Office Hours, Monday - Friday,
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Washington, D.C. local time

Richter, Miller & Finn
P.O. Box 216
Catharpin, Virginia 20143-0216

Richter, Miller & Finn
12002 Robin Drive
Catharpin, Virginia 20143

The law firm provides clients and others as needed with "emergency contact procedures" which can be used to reach specific individuals associated with the firm by email, telephone or SMS message almost 24/7. Most of the telephone and fax lines now used by the law firm are based upon VOIP systems which have proven to be very reliable; on rare occasions when the Internet connectivity needed by a VOIP system temporarily goes down, callers will not reach the firm's internal PBX, but instead will receive a special voice message advising of the problem and requesting the caller either to try again shortly, to use an "emergency contact procedure" or to leave a voice message. Wired telephone systems provide "trunk busy" signals when similar outages occur (also rare).

The law firm's internal telephone PBX system is configured on purpose NOT to be "user friendly" for callers who, when calling, do not know the extension number(s) for particular individual(s) the caller is seeking to reach or who are initiating "blind" calls to the firm's published telephone number. This is done to discourage salespersons making "blind" calls, automated prerecorded message machine callers, and the like, and to minimize law firm staff time required to deal with such unwanted calls. The internal law firm extension numbers for particular individual(s) are freely given out to those who need to know them to facilitate immediate telephone contact, and several of those extensions appear on publicly accessible web pages here. Each telephone caller needing to get through to a specific individual (but who does not know or has misplaced the individual's extension number) or wishing to make a general contact with the law firm, may always leave a short voice mail message with callback information so that his or her call may be returned.

Each lawyer and other person employed in the law firm has one or more unpublished (i.e. not publicly listed) email address(es) which are used exclusively for communications with clients and others with which the law firm has existing relationships. Those unpublished email addresses are provided privately as necessary to facilitate such communications by email. Please note that all senders of email(s) with generic or spamlike subject line(s) or content(s) (even if not spam) run the risk that such email(s) will be deleted by the spam filtering system or that receipt of such email(s) will be delayed for several days or more as a result of spam filtering procedures used by the law firm. Be careful not to send email(s) with generic or spamlike subject line(s) or content(s)!

Please also note that the law firm and the lawyers in the law firm do not consent to receiving (and do not accept any responsibility to receive) any email communications from opposing or adverse counsel except by prearrangement (i.e., by advance, written agreement) with the other counsel involved or except as otherwise provided by an applicable law or Court rule. If such an email is sent and received, an acknowledgement of the receipt of such email will be returned to the sender by email. No sender of such an email should assume that the email which was sent has been actually received by the law firm or by a specific lawyer unless a verifiable acknowledgement of receipt has been received back.

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