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Richter, Miller & Finn is pleased to provide on the public portion of this WWW server the following hyperlinks to legal related sources, resources and materials. The effort reflected here is very modest as there are many, many very good legal resource hyperlink sites already in place. We provide links to several of them.

While the availability of massive amounts of legal related information on the Internet is an amazing and positive development, it is likely to be some time (years) before the resources available on the Internet approach those of more traditional legal research methods, including electronic searching methods, in reliability and quality. Nevertheless, information is now available quickly and at low cost over the Internet which could only be procured by other means, if at all, at great cost. The development and progress of Internet based legal intelligence and research is definitely something to be watched.

The foregoing links provides only the most cursory sample of what is now available. For our own use, we have developed a series of specialized hyperlink resource pages which focus on particular topic areas and resources which we have found particularly useful in conducting research and handling particular matters within our practice areas.

Because we feel those specialized pages give us a significant (cost and effectiveness) advantage and provide valuable benefit to certain clients, we do not provide them on the public portion of this server.

This WWW Page and all related pages are under continous active development. Suggestions via e-mail for improvements are always welcome!

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