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Richter, Miller & Finn is pleased to provide the following hyperlinks to Internet Search Engines, Resources and Indices. Some additional search and reference resources are provided on the Books and Other Reference Resources Online page provided elsewhere on this server.
WWW Search Engines and Reference Sources: Search     note: The Best single search engine!
Refdesk.Com - Virtual Reference Desk -      note: Excellent!
General Subject Directory Searches at
Searches at Particular Universities by
Group Searches at
U.S. Patent Searches at
Microsoft - BING search
Searches at
Books On-Line - Univ. of Penna. Search Engine
AltaVista Advanced Search
AltaVista - General Search
Excite ! - General Search
HotBot - Lycos
Lycos - General Search
Infoseek - Search
Yahoo Search - U.S.
WebCrawler Search Facility Search Facility
Euroseek - Many Languages for Search
Google Search - Deutsch
Yahoo Search - Germany (Deutsch)
Lycos Search - Germany (Deutsch)
Aladin - deutschsprachiger Suchindex
DINO - Suchmaschine
Google.Com.Ru - Russia (Russian)
Aport.Ru - Russia (Russian)
Yandex.Ru - Russia (Russian)
List.Ru - Russia (Russian)
Rambler.Ru - Russia (Russian)
Google Search - Français
Yahoo Search - France (français)
Voila Search - France (français)
Google Search - Japanese
Infoseek Japan Search - Japan (Japanese)
URLs in Japan (ORIONS)
Google Search - Korean
Google Search - Spanish
Google Search - Portuguese
Telephone Numbers, E-Mail Addresses, People Locators, Etc. in U.S.:

BigBook.Com - Business Locator - Tel# and Map Location - U.S.
WhoWhere - Persons, Email, etc. (at Lycos.Com)
Four11.Com - Telephone Numbers and Email (at
Internet Address Finder - Persons, Email, etc.
Switchboard.Com - Telephones and Addresses, etc.
TheUltimates.Com - Telephones and Addresses, etc.
Reverse I.P. - Domain Lookup at
This WWW page is under continuous active construction!
Suggestions via e-mail for additional hyperlinks are welcome.

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